Octahedral Chinese Qin Dynasty Jian Wrapped Hilt | Pattern Steel, Rigid


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The Wudang Tai Chi Sword is hand forged by our professional sword smith in Wudang. The sword is perfectly balanced and optimized for daily training and performances. It is easy to handle and is an excellent choice for beginners!

Grade: Highest Quality

Hand forged quality with highest quality material possible.
Balance point 2 finger widths from the hilt.

Variable blade length for additional charge possible on request.

Total weight with the scabbard: 1,2 kg
Weight without scabbard around 2,1 kg

  • This product includes sword and scabbard.
  • Colors may vary due to different monitor calibration.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Hand Forged

Made from a professional sword smith in Wudangshan

Blade Material

Pattern Steel, Stiff Blade

Sheath Material

High Quality Rosewood

Sword Length

Total Length: 108 cm; Blade Length: 75 cm; Handle Length: 26 cm; Blade Width: 3.6 cm; Blade Thickness: 0.7 cm