Masterwork Embroidery Wudang Daoist Priest Robe | Blue



In the Wudang Mountains this particular one-piece priest robe is handmade and custom tailored from devoted Taoists living in the high mountain peaks. Fair Service! Support the Taoists in the Wudang Mountains with every purchase.

  • Robe is made out of one piece material using traditional methods
  • Embroidered with bagua symbol, daoist gods and other ancient patterns
  • Robe Material: high-grade satin and cotton fabrics
  • Embroidery Material: high quality satin fabrics
  • Inside Material: light chiffon fabrics
  •  This product includes one robe.  
  • Colors may vary due to different monitor calibration

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Weight 1 kg

For men and women


By devoted Taoists in Wudangshan

Custom tailored

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Blue with Colorful Embroidery


127 cm