Vincent Lyn (Actor)

Vincent Lyn was born in Yemen to a British Mother and Chinese Father. His two parallel life long passions music and martial arts were both learned from his parents. Read more…

Arthur D. Winfield

I am starting a small group locally here in Lawrenceville, Virginia, United States of America. It is on Facebook named: Southside Virginia Veterans Wellness and Martial Arts Group ( Red Dragons ). Read more…

Gregory M. Casey LAc. MAOM Dipl. OM

Dr. of Acupuncture, Greg Casey is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and teacher of qigong, tai chi and Daoist kung fu. Read more…

Verified Buyer

Absolutely beautiful!
We ordered the taoist uniform with short black overcoat for my husband. It is made absolutely perfectly, the measurements are spot on and the tailoring is beautiful. I would recommend that if someone was looking for a genuinely professionally made Taoist uniform then the Wudang Store is the only place to go. Many thanks.

Verified Buyer

Good product; good service
The ordering process was easy. Good customer service. Delivery was easy. Product was just what I ordered. First purchase. I’ll be back.

Verified Buyer

I just received my Double Star Canvas Kung Fu shoes. And I must say that I am happily surprise with the time it took to reach my destination and the craftsmanship of the shoes. I utilized the shoes at Tai Chi practice and they felt strongly supportive and comfortable!! Additionally, these shoes work excellently for outdoor practice. Money will spent!!! Thank You for providing all of my martial arts apparel needs.

Verified Buyer

Beautiful craftsmanship!
So pleased with my purchase. The uniform is beautifully and simply constructed. The fit is perfect. I smiled when I saw the tailor’s marks. Thank you for letting me support a local artisan!
Xie Xie Ni

Verified Buyer

Light as air and flawlessly tailored
This taiji uniform is like wearing a cloud to practice. It breathes in the hot summer sun and flows with all my movements. Finally I have a taiji uniform that actually fits!!

Verified Buyer

Great Workout wear and looks sharp!

I received my outfit just last week and have practiced with it daily since then. I was a bit turned off by the appearance of the pink tailor’s marks at first but reminded myself that these indicated that yes, in fact this garment was handmade for my measurements!!! Upon the first washing, the markings disappeared and the pure white uniform now loo

ks flawless. The fit is impeccable and it is sooo incredibly comfortable to wear. It breathes well and feels light as air when wearing it. The neck and wrist cuffs fit perfectly, unlike other taiji uniforms that I have purchased where for my Nordic frame complete with long arms, the arms and neck openings were much too large.

I will certainly be buying more of my taiji practice wear through the Wudang store in the future.

Verified Buyer

Tai chi uniform
I am very pleased with my order, & will be ordering More items soon!!

Verified Buyer

My robes arrived perfectly tailored and incredibly professionaly made! I get many complements from my patients in clinic to my tai qi classes. I have referred atleast a half dozen to your website to acquire similar apparel for their acupuncture practice.

Verified Buyer

Could not have been custom made better Anywhere! Thanks to the persistence of Michael and his relentless pursuit of excellence in Tai Chi apparel. Skilled craftsmanship, money well spent! ……I will be back for all of my Tai Chi Chuan uniforms.

Andre S. Verified Buyer

I received my true to the name Simple & Solid Kungfu Canvas Bag, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the over all size of the bag. My last bag that I would put my Tai Chi shoes in did not last long at all (only months). My big shoes kept wearing down the bag. I do not have to worry about this happing to this bag. Solid canvas craftsmanship ensures this bag will last many a transit to and from Tai Chi sessions. I am thoroughly impressed with the products of the Wudang Store! From Tai Chi Uniforms to Tai Chi equipment, all of the items purchased have exceeded my expectations. Its’ a pleasure doing business with the Professionals of “The Wudang Store”!!
Simple and Strong Canvas Kung Fu Bag
I was pleasantly surprise with spaciousness of the bag. I have big flat feet and they wore down my last bag transiting to and from Tai Chi sessions within months. I am sure the paramount craftsmanship of this bag will last years. I really like the zip pocket inside the bag, great for storing important items out of sight. The two outside pockets are excellent for quick easy access. Overall “Five Stars” Note: a wider selection of colors for the bag would be icing on the cake!

Frederik L. Verified Buyer

Happy !
Thank you very much for your very nice Tai Chi suit which is well tailored with a sense of minute details. Fabric and colour up to expectations. Very pleasant e to wear and comfortable for practice. Just a bit large for legs and arms but I probably have to adjust/rectify my measurements for size. A satisfied customer.