How to measure yourself

  1. Body Weight and Body Height are important for the tailoring formula used for various Kung Fu and Tai Chi clothing! Please fill this out as accurately as possible. The tailor can fix certain parts in your uniform based on these two values. Body Height is simply measured from your highest part straight down to the ground.
  2. Neck Circumference is an very important value for accurate collars.
  3. Shoulder Width decides the right width of your shirt or jacket, make sure to measure carefully. Higher values make your shirt or jacket wider.
  4. Chest Circumference makes the shirt look wide or slim. We will make sure to keep you enough place for exercise and breathing, so please measure this very accurately based on your body size.
  5. Arm Length decides the final length of your arms. Closed arms (cuffs) have more place for tolerance. If your shirt or jacket has open arms, please measure very carefully. Make sure to measure from your collarbone around the shoulder and straight down to your wrist. If desired measure a little longer.
  6. Waist Circumference is most important for the pants and for women. This will decide a very elegant look of your uniform. The size of your pants is also based on this measurement.
  7. Hip Circumference is one more important measurement for your custom tailored pants! Make sure to measure the circumference of your hip bone very carefully.
  8. Shirt Length will decide the total length of your shirt, jacket or coat. Please give us only the desired length for short clothing. (shirt or jackets). Usually we can calculate the fitting coat length for your Tai Chi coat or long Taoist clothing. If you want specific lengths of your longer clothing, please contact our support
  9. Pants Length is the final measurement for your pants. Please measure from your waist height straight down to the ground.
  10. Shoe Length is important for all of our shoes! Since China has much smaller shoe sizes, we will verify the shoe based on this measurement before sending it to you!

Please fill out your measurement submission:

Thats it! Always double check your measurements and tell us over the contact form if you have any extra wishes or changed something important recently!